Boston in the Dresdenverse.

So you want to know about Beantown? First off, no one from around here calls it that. If you do, you’ve just dropped your drawers and shown that you’re an outsider and you can forget ever getting the skinny on what’s really going down here.

Here’s a couple of things you need to know, first, the Fae own this city lock stock and barrel. They still quibble now and again, it’s their nature, but Winter and Summer can present a solid front against any great threat and there are a ton of them.

Second, there is, and I’m serious about this, a dragon sleeping under the city. Don’t ask how I know but I spent some time working the Big Dig and I’ve seen some scary things. No one knows much about the dragon except the Fae and they ain’t talking.

Lastly is the Compromise, it’s a huge ever-changing agreement between the Fae Courts and the other supernatural players. Officially it’s called the Promulgate Compromise but only Fae use that term nowadays. It’s publicly posted all over Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, nearly in plain sight, carved into wood, spray painted on the sides of buildings both in the mundane world and the Nevernever. Fully understanding it is beyond the ability of mere mortals such as us.

For the past century, there were only a few Red Court vampires within the Boston city limits but that has changed. They were kept out by a line in the Compromise that states, “those that dwell within the Cradle of Liberty can never slake their hunger.” The bad news is, that passage is gone and those bloodsuckers are back.

Now let’s talk about places around town that’ll be of interest.

Dresden Files: Boston

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