Dominic Papadopoulos

Nerd Wizard


High Concept: Nerd Wizard
Trouble: Dread Emissary

  • Epic Level Geek
  • My Geek Sense is Tingling
  • Nerdy Bird
  • Iron Circle Pencil Pusher
  • I am not Team Monster

Superb (5): Discipline
Great (4): Lore, Scholarship
Good (3): Conviction, Investigation
Fair: (2): Alertness, Contacts, Rapport
Average (1): Athletics, Intimidation, Presence, Resources, Stealth

Stunts and Powers
0 Cassandra’s Tears
-1 Psychometry
-0 Soul Gaze
-1 The Sight
-0 Wizard’s Constitution
-3 Evocation
-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 Bag of Tricks


Iron Circle Code Name: Poindexter

Dominic Papadopoulos

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