Nicodemus Archleone


Leader of the Order of the Blackened Denarius, and host of the fallen angel Andurial.

He is of average height and build, with strong and handsome features, and appears to be middle aged. He has dark eyes and short dark hair with hints of silver. He speaks with a “faintly British” accent, and has a “good voice, mellow, and surprisingly deep.” He tends to dress in expensive and elegant clothing, and always wears a noose around his neck. He seems to project a calm and vaguely amused demeanor most of the time. He has a wide, vicious smile that Harry once compares to a crocodile’s.

He is intelligent, a meticulous planner, patient, and incredibly careful. He plays a long-game, and even when his plans blow up he has usually not lost much, and has gained at least something. He cares more for ideals than material gain, and is very willing to sacrifice others to achieve his goals. He strives to create chaos in the world, and seems to have a particular predilection for plague curses.

He’s superficially charming, grandiose, manipulative, and incapable of love, empathy, or remorse; generally the caricature of a typical psychopath. When Harry calls him a psychopath, however, Nicodemus corrects him, saying that “sociopath” is a more appropriate term.

He hosts the Fallen Angel Anduriel in his head, which prevents aging and gives him access to extended knowledge. He does not use the Denarian “battle form” nor does he demonstrate any strong magical ability, but he can use his shadow (which Anduriel rides) to incapacitate his victims, and fly. He is stronger and faster than a normal human. Anduriel can listen or observe through any living creature’s shadow, and passes the information to Nicodemus if he sees fit. It’s limited by Anduriel’s attention—it has to focus to get details, otherwise it’s background noise. A few places are exempt from Anduriel.


Nicodemus Archleone

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