Daughters of the Morgaine

A group of newly aligned Winter Court fae. They descend from the original Morgan Le Fey and have arrived in town to settle here. They are the keepers of secrets and the price to learn information from them is to tell them a secret that no one else knows.

The Morgaine are similar to lycanthropes and can change into the form of a crow.

Bran Le Fey

A beautiful and intense woman is currently in possession of the Sword of Light, a powerful magical sword. She is called the Blessed by the other Morgaine.

Eurwin Le Fey

A young, shy girl who appears to be in her 20s but I have heard that her “soul” is much older. She is known as The Wise by the other Morgaine.


I don’t know much about the remaining Morgaine other than their names: Aderyn, Catrin, and Fflur, while the reminder of the flock moved onto other parts of the US.

Daughters of the Morgaine

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