Great Misery Island

This is the stronghold of the Ozolin family, a group of White Court vampires, who feed on pain and despair. They’ve been feeding on the suburbs for the last two decades and want back into the city.

Alise Ozolin

The middle child of the Ozolin family. She has turned from an innocent girl to a foul creature who lives off of the misery of others.

Nikolajs Ozolin

The patriarch of the Ozolin family. He owns a million dollar apartment downtown. Has a garage full of expensive cars. He owns several businesses that deal in suffering, pain and despair, such as a tax service, child welfare, unemployment, and a private prison in Walpole. He is known about town as Elder Ozolin.

Rufus Ozolin

The youngest son of the family, Rufus knows the darkest secrets of the family and is keeping quiet. While his father knows that Rufus is not capable of taking a life, he hopes that Rufus will eventually grow out of it and become the monster he is destined to be.

Great Misery Island

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