Irish Mob

These guys have been a pain in the butt for quite some time, pushing around mundanes and the supernatural alike. A couple of months ago, whatever was driving them stopped.

Now they are trying to figure out how they fit into the supernatural world.


The Irish Mob is run by a guy named “Stogie”. He owns all those “That Guy’s Smoke Shops” which are scattered throughout the city. He and his crew are clued in pretty well and have access to some powerful weapons and even a sorcerer or two.
Rumor has it that they are now mixing a drug called Third Eye with other drugs to create entirely new “cocktails”. I guess Walter White has a new job.


Stogie’s former hitter is Micky Tillane, who is a massive man with no neck. If he gets his hands on you, you’re pretty much dead. He’s started doing work for those in the know, doing odd jobs that others don’t want to do or care to take, all for a modest fee of course.

Irish Mob

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