Might is a measure of pure physical power, be it raw strength or simply the knowledge of how to best use the strength you have. Might is for lifting, moving, or breaking things. You can use the skill to add a measure of physical power to the efforts of another skill. Characters with a high Might are not supernaturally strong, but they can still bend, break and lift things that are normally beyond the capabilities of everyday people. They include thugs, furniture movers, and wrestler.

Overcome: You can use Might to overcome any obstacles that require the application of brute force—most often to overcome a situation aspect on a zone—or any other physical impedance, like prison bars or locked gates. Of course, Might is the classic skill for arm-wrestling matches and other contests of applied strength.

Create an Advantage: Might has a lot of potential for advantages in physical conflict, usually related to grappling and holding someone in place, making them Pinned or Locked Down. You might also use it as a way of discovering physical impairments possessed by the target—grappling the old mercenary tells you that he has a Bum Leg or some such.

Attack: Might is not used to harm people directly—see the Fists skill for that.

Defend: Though you don’t generally use Might to defend against attacks, you can use it to provide active opposition to someone else’s movement, provided you’re in a small enough space that you can effectively use your body to block access. You might also interpose something heavy and brace it to stop someone from getting through.


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