Summer Court Fae

With the vampires coming back and Summer’s power waning, I think they’ll hold off and see what losses Winter takes.

Jordana the Summer Lady

Jordana was killed during the bombings of the Boston Marathon.

Ione Rosenberg

A young runaway who picked up the mantle of the Summer Lady by accident. She is slowly learning the responsibilities of her new position.

Lucas Spellmeyer

A young man that has taken up the mantle of the Summer Knight. It’s a pretty well-known story that he was almost convicted of murder by the White Council. He was the wielder of Titania’s Scarlet Will, a magical rapier that he took from the former Summer Knight of Europe. After Jordana’s death, Titania took the rapier back and gave him a nasty facial scar instead. From what I hear, his position as Summer Knight, is tenuous, with only Ione being the thing that keeps him from being tossed aside and replaced.

Summer Court Fae

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