The Norse Gods

Yup, the Norse deities do exist. They aren’t as powerful as the stories say but they are still powerful.

Valhalla is a prison run by the Valkyries.


The daughter of Thor has come to the city to learn humility. She’s tall, pretty and incredibly strong. Cross her at your own peril. She works at the Pussycat Theatre. Someone one called her doofy and had their car crushed for it.


There are numerous Valkyries under the employment of Monoc Securities and Donar Vadderung.


A former Valkryie, who was laid off from her job at Monoc Securities. She was working for Mercyanara under contract and ended up in Valhalla. I’ve started a GoFund.Me to work on freeing her. So far we have only gotten 200 dollars.

Donar Vadderung

The head of Monoc Securities is an old man who looks like Odin. We all know that Odin only exists in those awesome Marvel movies though.

The Norse Gods

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