The Revolutionary War

While you think that this war was all about freedom for the colonists, it was a bit deeper than that. Summer and Winter had a pretty big throw-down, which is all detailed in the Compromise. Things got ugly, with knights being murdered, sidhe lords being taken captive and lots of cold iron being thrown about. In the end, the war took its toll and the fighting stopped for the most part. Once every few decades things blow up and the sides start poking each other, then it cools down to the everyday hatred.


One strange twist to this story is that the current Winter Knight is a woman named Mercyanara. Now I did some research and a woman by that same name was a member of the Loyalists during the War. Is she a descendant of this woman or maybe she is the same person? I really don’t want to know.

I also heard from a friend that this Mercyanara was killed about 6 months ago and that she has been replaced by a new Winter Knight for the New England region. From what I know, which is not much, is that the new knight is a huge Harry Potter fan.

The Revolutionary War

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