The White Council

The White Council has a decent presence here, with a handful of Wardens and some magical muscle here and there. They are not held in check by the Compromise with a few, rare exceptions.

Carol Grumman

While Carol is a member of the White Council, she doesn’t have the power of a vote. You can go to her for anything you need and she will do it for the right amount of money. She’s good with wards and enchantments but she is on the expensive side.

Wilmot Reid

An ancient witch that was supposedly killed during the Salem Witch Trials. Rumored to know the reason that Salem Mass is cut off from the Nevernever. Currently the head warden for the city of Boston.

The Merlyn

An older wizard who is supposedly in charge of the White Council. I have heard that crossing him is a bad idea. I heard rumors that he lives in Haynes House Apartments in Roxbury.

The White Council

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