Winter Court Fae

I don’t know much about Winter, they’ve been really secretive the last few years, focusing on their part in the Compromise. I think it’s something to do with keeping the dragon in check, but I’m not sure.

I’ve heard that the Fae were involved in the Revolutionary War, but I’m not sure what they did.

Alvar the Lord of Winter

He is the current head of the Winter Court in Boston although he was mortally wounded in an attack by unknown assailants. Now that Mercyanara is dead, it appears that Alvar is once again, in charge of the Winter Court. Recently Alvar “retired” from his position last week. Currently who the next Lord of Winter is up for debate.

Leland aka Ivan Dewinter, Jack Frost

An older gentleman who has been around since before the days of the Revolution, probably longer than that. Avoid crossing him as nearly everyone in town owes him a favor. He is the only “person” that has ever given up the mantle of the Winter Knight and lived.

Mercyanara the Emerald Lady

A lady of the Winter Court from across the pond, who became the Winter Knight. She has a small domain within the city confines that is Accorded Neutral Territory. I have not heard any nasty rumors about her which makes me even more worried.
She was killed by a group of individuals which supposedly included Leland, Mickey, the Emissary and others.

The New Winter Knight

It seems the mantle of the Winter Knight fell upon another new person. I have to admit that I don’t know anything about this guy and the Winter Court is keeping unusually quiet as well.

Winter Court Fae

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