Echoes of the Beast

Skills Affected: Varies, but usually Investigation, Alertness and Survival.


Beast Senses: Whether in human form or otherwise, your senses are strongly tuned in a fashion fitting a particular type of beast (you must specify the senses when you take the ability, based on what the beast is known to have). Whenever it seems reasonable that you’d have some sort of beast-born advantage of the senses (for example, a keen sense of smell while making an Investigation or Alertness roll), you get +1 on the roll.

Beast Trappings: You are able to do one minor thing that normal people can’t do, related to the abilities of your beast-kin. This might be tracking by scent (for a wolf or other predator), finding your way around while blind or in total darkness (like a bat), or hiding in plain sight (like a chameleon). This ability works like an extra skill trapping for a skill of your choice.

Alternatively, you can choose a skill trapping that already exists and create a circumstance under which you gain a +1 on the roll that fits your beast kinship. For example, you might say that, because you’re kin to leopards, you gain +1 to Stealth when barefoot.

Beast Friend: You may achieve at least an instinctual understanding (if not actual communication) with beasts of a similar type. This can allow you to create an advantage to suss out a particular animal’s motives.

Echoes of the Beast

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