Intellectus of War

Musts: High Aspect that Corresponds to this (Scion of a War God, Empowered by a War Spirit)

Key Skill: Fists, Weapons, Gun, Drive

You are a living embodiment of combat. Anything is a weapon in your hands. You could man a tank even if the last time you were on Earth was when gunpowder was considered an innovation.

You may substitute your Fists and Guns skill with Weapons. Furthermore, you can substitute Weapons for any skill roll as long as it could be considered an attack or the vehicle could be considered a weapon (so your Weapons skill could not substitute your Drive skill, unless the vehicle was a tank, a fighter jet, or you were actively trying to run someone over with it). You are considered proficient in any weapon or weaponized vehicle, and you could substitute for other crew, within reason (so you could operate a two-man fighter by yourself, but a battleship is right out). You instinctively know how to maintain weapons and weaponized vehicles, though you cannot teach anyone else how to (so if the item is beyond the capacity for one person to maintain and you’re alone or with unqualified people, you’re SOL).

You may not gain these bonuses in terms of spellcraft, except for the purposes of aiming an Enchanted Item.

Intellectus of War

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