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Heart of the Dragon, Pulse of the City

The city is alive with magic, emanating from the dragon, that sleeps under the city, trafficked by both Fae Courts and useful to all of the city’s supernatural citizens.


There a hundreds of locations within the city, here are some of the most important ones.

Bunker Hill Monument
Faneuil Hall
Fashion City
Fae Loops
Great Misery Island
Green House
Long Wharf
Old Budweiser Plant
Old Charleston Bridge
Old North Church
Salem, Mass
The Black Rose
The Glass Slipper
Weight and Sun Iron Shop


Some notes on what has happened lately.

Cloverleaf Party
Marathon Bombings
Promulgate Compromise
Sleeping Dragon
The Revolutionary War


These are the groups that are in power in the city.

Black Court Vampires
Daughters of the Morgaine
The Emissary
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Holy Rollers
Irish Mob
The Iron Circle
Marian Exiles
Mayor’s Office
The Norse Gods
Red Court Vampires
Selvaggio Family
Summer Court Fae
The White Council
White Court Vampires
Winter Court Fae

Places Outside of Boston


Current Plot

Current Plot

Dresden Core Rules

This game uses a variation of the current Dresden Files game system, adjusted towards the current Fate Core system.

Dresden Core

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